Come on tree, let’s go for a Pint

Dec 19 2011

MBH wanted a real Christmas tree as she’s never had one. I have. Everybody should experience the “Shoosh” of needles as they start to fall off the branches though. It’s been a busy run up to Christmas work-wise for the both of us – so why not I thought.
We went to the local college to get it. Mainly because the students there were giving up there time at weekends to sell god knows how many trees and the proceeds were going to our favourite Charity.
I don’t claim to know the ins-and-outs of types of Christmas trees, but this one seems to be one that doesn’t shed it’s needles (hopefully).
“Shall we buy that watering contraption thing for it?”
(I looked at the price and worked out how long it would be before I had to cut up the tree)
“Bollox, it’ll be grand to just get a stand for it”
So the tree has been stood in the corner, decorated, for a couple of weeks now.  The odd sneaky check underneath it and an utter lack of needles.  Result.
I was sipping my coffee this morning looking out at the rain and wind and for the gabillionth time grinning that I get to work from home. Then I heard a ‘Tonk’ and looked down as a bauble rolled between my legs. That’s a bit odd I thought. I looked around to the tree with a suspicious eyebrow raised. Bit perplexing this – which is about the only reaction I can muster to odd events when on the first cup of coffee of the morning.
The tree looked a little different. Then I noticed it looked knackered. Some of it’s branches were beginning to droop a lot. The tinsel and lights looked like they were just hanging on in places. I moved a few things around to settle them back into place and rehung the bauble on a branch that looked like it would stay on.
Hmm, still two weeks or so of the Season left. Should I buy another tree I thought?
Then I grinned to myself. Poor tree, looks exactly how I feel. One more week at work then everybody get’s to take some time off to recharge the batteries.  I like my droopy tree – it’s very fitting after a long busy year.
Should have bought that feckin watering contraption thingy though.

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