Hamster Sound

I’m not sure what sound Hamsters make. But as it feels like we’re back on the Hamster Wheel that life can be sometimes, I probably should be making that sound … whatever it is.

Squeak … ?

There are a tonne of books I want to read, ideas that I want to pull the thread on to see what comes out and a dozen other things that I seem to be putting off. It’s not that there aren’t enough hours in the day, as everybody gets the same. I’m just not using those hours well.

MBH is off to a conference in Europe at the weekend. Quite a nice place but she’s fully grasped travelling for work now. As in it sucks, it’s no fun travelling by yourself and you never see what you want to see.

Meanwhile I have to get cracking on our house buying activities – step one is following up on a Solicitor recommendation. That means I’ll have a Solicitor. Hmmm. The temptation to get all kinds of legally type stuff done will be great but will be resisted! That’s the thing with me, always want to explore new things. I bought a Dremel the other week and practically had to sit on my hands so I wouldn’t sand, grind, carve and engrave everything and anything in sight. Think I’m kidding? MBH’s mother gave us one of those boxes of Ferrero Roche that’s solid plastic with that awful tape sealing it up:

“Gah! This thing is fecking impossible to open … FUCK IT I’M GETTING MY DREMEL!”
“Oh dear god no, give it to me to try … please!”

Luckily she had more patience in getting it open. Bittersweet really. I got my chocolate fix but my grinding fix was left hanging.

Sigh. Such is life.