Month: December 2018

First run

It wasn’t the first run. I’ve ran a lot in my life. But I haven’t ran at all this year. Christmas was a lot of feasting and generally being merry. So I was starting to feel the effects and needed a little bit of exercise. Something that didn’t involve opening a bottle of wine or just walking to the fridge. It’s been a very hectic and busy year. We all get the same amount of time in the day – but running just wasn’t on the agenda (excuses, excuses).

Jayzuz it was awful.

I remember when I was a child I ran everywhere. Nothing like just running and running and feeling like you can go on forever. I still remember that feeling, so surely a thirty minute run will be no problem? A gentle jog, it’ll be easy.

That thought lasted about 500m before the ‘Oh, this is going to be awful’ thoughts started.

My heartrate went up to 142 and steadily climbed for the rest of the run. Every bottle of booze I had consumed this year was metaphorically strapped to my legs. At the mile mark my brain started with the “Why? Why? WHY?!” and that’s when Spotify decided to quit playing through my running app. So it was me and just very heavy breathing to get me through.

But I had decided to go for a thirty minute run. Fifteen minutes along the country track next to our house, as soon as I hit that mark, then turn back. It wasn’t a big or complicated target. No distance or pace involved. Just run for fifteen minutes, turn around and get back home.

I didn’t enjoy it. I stopped to walk a number of times. I only managed 2.6 miles. My heart rate was maxed out most of the time. I was at least four minutes off the pace I used to have. So many things to be disappointed at. But I did it. I didn’t sit on my arse and watch TV. Even though it was blowing a gale. I set myself a very simple task and didn’t think much beyond getting it done.

I always ask myself ‘What do I need to do next?’. It can be the simplest tasks or most complex project but if you ask yourself that, then it breaks it down rather simply. In this case: pick a time for running, put my kit on, stop whining like a baby and push start on the app and get out of the door, run for fifteen minutes, turn around, run home.

I’m glad I did it. Not my best run. But I can try and beat that time on the track for the next run.

Same thing as writing a blog post. Instead of thinking ‘What will I write about?’ for days. What do I need to do next? Sit down and write – doesn’t have to be brilliant.

Little steps make habits etc. Both good and bad.


I’ve given up on Facebook. Twitter is okay for news that isn’t from the general media. Instagram is not too bad, although I fear for it’s future. I don’t understand Snapchat. I miss the old days of Blogs. So I’ve wiped everything and let’s give it a go…start again.

Jayzuz I’ve forgotten everything about installing WP though. Thank goodness for one click installers, because I’m in no mood to mess arund with databases and confg files (is it even still done that way?). Give me a few years and I’ll struggle with remote controls.

Long form writing, used to be so easy…so rusty now though.

Christmas is nearly upon us. ‘Love Actually’ is back in the TV schedule. It’s a guilty pleasure. Airports can be lonely places or lovely places. I was away for a business trip last week. Landed quite late and I managed to sprint through passport control (practice). Herself was ‘minutes away’ in the car – which I know by now that means ten minutes of waiting in the cold for me. As i emerged into Arrivals there was a young family waiting for the Father. A young boy stood well in front of his Mum and Sister. How did I know? We live in enlightened times so they could be waiting for their own Herself. Well because the young fella announced quite loudly “Oh! You’re not my Dad’

I was tired. Couldn’t resist it…as I walked past the Young lad saying a quiet “Sez you”

Out of the terminal and into the cold with the echo of “Muuum..??” behind me.

Well you have to entertain yourself sometimes.