Audio the way to go?

So I was thinking about that last post and how to solve the problem of entirely lacking the time to just flop on the sofa to dive into a book for a few hours. My Kindle was absolutely drained of power when I checked it last night. So if you have a Kindle, and have a sense of how long a charge lasts you’ll have an idea how long it’s been since I used it.

I love reading books. I have far too many of them lying around the house. I also have a silly amount on the iPad as well. I’m not too bothered about the digital v paper debate. It’s a book, it works for me.

But I was thinking of resurrecting my Audible account. Perhaps that’s the answer? I could have the book on in the background while I potter. The only problem with that, is I really like to concentrate on a book – build that imaginary world in my mind. If I’m pottering about doing something my mind will probably drift and I’ll end up having to rewind the thing a zillion times. But perhaps I’ll give it a try. I have one of the ‘Master and Commander’ stories on Audible, if I can follow that then the idea may have legs.

I tried to learn French by audio lesson a couple of years ago. Problem was I kept falling asleep when listening to it. Fine, I thought, I’ve heard all about subliminal learning. Then we went to Paris – er, subliminal learning … does not work for me :/

Not a book review


Okay so I think the usual thing to do is write reviews of books you’ve read on your blog. Well I’m trying to find time to finish the latest George R R Martin book so no time for finishing new ones. Instead I’m going to start a new category for books I stumble across, think might be a good idea to read, and don’t want to lose the name until I’ve bought it.

This one is the first,

“…in 2008 Boyle decided to try living for a year without money. His self-imposed rules were simple: he would close his bank account and not spend or receive money (including checks and credit cards).”

Betcha I can’t get it for the Kindle.