Tech refresh time

So I pulled the trigger on buying a new 4S from Apple. That’s the thing with Apple products, you have to do your research to work out whether something outrageously better is just about to come out. If there is a new iPhone in the Autumn it will probably be an incremental upgrade. I’m not too interested in LTE (4G) and the camera is (surprisingly) the thing I most use on my current 4. So should be safe for a while. As usual in our house that means MBH get’s my 4 as she’s been making noises that my old 3GS that she has is far too out of date ;)

Next thing I was considering was an upgrade to a MacBook Air from my unibody MacBook. This is a little tougher. The iMac is older than the Macbook. I think I got the iMac in 2008. But with a memory upgrade and new HDD it’s absolutely fine. The line of iMacs is due to be upgraded but I don’t really care too much. The iMac is a workhorse and does what I need it to do. I’d like to be able to carry around my MacBook a little more though. As much as the iPad is a real day-to-day machine that’s always with me – some things I really need to be able to do on the MacBook. Getting an Air would be a good option for portability. But there’s a number of things stopping me pulling the trigger on that:

  • The RAM is soldered on so no chance to upgrade it myself and 4GB max is just a little pathetic
  • SSD’s sound cool. But through work I actually discovered that Manufacturers won’t give more than a three year warranty on them. This seemed strange to me but apparently it’s because of degradation. Odd considering there’s supposed to be no moving parts but I’ll steer clear for now. My life isn’t that busy and frenetic that I can’t wait for a little boot up.
  • Rumours abound that the MacBook Pro line-up is about to get a refresh. From what I gather there is a potential for the optical drive to be removed which means that the Pro can be slimmed down like the Air. Something getting close to the Air for portability but with the power of the MacBook Pro sounds very, very nice indeed

I can wait a couple of months to see how those rumours play out.