Codecademy is an interesting concept and seems to be getting a lot of traction. I signed up and am working my way through the basic lessons. Now, I started out programming eons ago with the first version of BASIC I think. Then tried a bit of Fortran (for the little robots), then Machine Code (made my head hurt) before graduating to COBOL and then half a dozen languages on and off over the next 20 years or so. The problem with me is my programming skills get a little messed up unless I’m nose deep in it. So to use a language analogy I end up “Parlez vouz la Italiano sehr schlecht” – mixing up Ruby syntax with Javascript or PHP can be painful only until you recognize that’s what you’ve done.

The lessons seem easy enough but I’d be interested in what a complete non-coder would make of them. I did find myself thinking “Why didn’t they position it this way?” or “That could have been explained a little better”. Luckily they have a nice feedback button for each lesson.

They’ve also started a code year project where you get lessons every day. Signed up for that as well as it’ll be interesting to see where that goes. The last language I learned  a little bit was Ruby on Rails. But it’s been a few years since then and having quick look at the repository it seems to have changed beyond recognition. The only one I’ll slightly keep my toes dipped into is PHP and HTML – if only so I can keep this running how I want it to.

I have been considering Obj-C for a little while – but to be honest I have zero time to think about that right now.