Interpreting reviews

Amazon probably has the best online purchasing experience bar none. I find it a very handy place to start research and to check opinion if I’m buying something. You do have to interpret the reviews though, especially when buying a bit of tech kit. The number of 1 or 2 star reviews increases with Technology. It makes you think there may be an issue – then you read the comments that can be summarized as:

“I’d say I’m IT Savvy …. couldn’t figure this out! …. asked my Son who knows a bit about this stuff and even he couldn’t! … it should just work …. am suing for lost time”

It translates for me as:

“I have two computers and the printer works …. what the hell you have to configure it? …. my son get’s me movies online somehow so surely he would know …. why won’t it just plug in and work … dammit I’m important and frustrated and embarrassed”

It’s entertaining and at the same time depressing.