Mellow Fruitfullness

It’s October. How on earth that came flying along so quickly I’ll never know. It must be the older you get the quicker the year seems to go as it’s happening more and more.

Last week the Missus and myself took a week off work and headed over to the UK. We stayed in Bath, which at the end of September happens to be a bloody lovely place. Bath was always one of those places (when I lived in the UK) where I thought “Oh yeah, it’d be cool to go there” but I never got around to it. Somerset was always a place that I drove through at speed to get to some god forsaken quaint place in Cornwall (farthest I could get for a break from London).

It just seemed very relaxed. I don’t know if its like that for the rest of the year but as I said it was at this time. My Better Half (MBH) was actually close to dangerously relaxed,

“Woah, look out, car!”
“Where do you want to get lunch?”
“Would you like brains for lunch?”
“You’re pretty relaxed yeah?”
“Wha? Oh, isn’t it so relaxing here?”

Scintillating conversation aside, It was just what we needed to get away from work. And last minute, at the end of September I couldn’t bring myself to hunt out where the Sun could potentially be shining on a beach in Europe.

If I could work out – no, I’ll be honest – If I could be bothered to plug the iPhone into the iPad here I’d have put a few pictures on this post. But far too many steps involved for late Friday/early Saturday.

What I will link to is an awesome place to eat in Bath the Circus Cafe and Restaurant. Can’t recommend enough. We also went to one of Jamie Oliviers places so MBH could hyper ventilate with excitement the entire time,

“Isn’t it exciting!”
“Oooo, I’m getting some of his funky chips!”
“So come on what do you think??”
“Why have a got to eat my food off a bowl … on a board?! What’s wrong with a plate?”
“Pft, you don’t know what you’re talking about … It’s soooo exciting!”

Of course a few days later she said, “You know, I’ve been thinking, those funky chips are nothing really that special”. I didn’t want to get into another discussion (just bloody average chips) but I think Mr Olivier went down in her estimation a bit.

We did wander around a little. Saw Stonehenge, which I only once before at speed (driving past) on my way to Cornwall nearly 20 years ago. That was one place to tick off the bucket list. I managed to get through it without killing the OODLES of tourists taking ‘Look at me holding up Stonehenge’ photos’ a la leaning tower of Pisa style. MBH in absolute hysterics the whole time at my ever raising eyebrow…

Also stopped in Stratford to check out Shakespears home and I must write later about the sexy Japanese Pirate experience that got me into a bit of hot water with MBH … absolutely not my fault honest!

It’s moving from being very late to being very early.

Must remember to write a post earlier in the day :)