I’ve given up on Facebook. Twitter is okay for news that isn’t from the general media. Instagram is not too bad, although I fear for it’s future. I don’t understand Snapchat. I miss the old days of Blogs. So I’ve wiped everything and let’s give it a go…start again.

Jayzuz I’ve forgotten everything about installing WP though. Thank goodness for one click installers, because I’m in no mood to mess arund with databases and confg files (is it even still done that way?). Give me a few years and I’ll struggle with remote controls.

Long form writing, used to be so easy…so rusty now though.

Christmas is nearly upon us. ‘Love Actually’ is back in the TV schedule. It’s a guilty pleasure. Airports can be lonely places or lovely places. I was away for a business trip last week. Landed quite late and I managed to sprint through passport control (practice). Herself was ‘minutes away’ in the car – which I know by now that means ten minutes of waiting in the cold for me. As i emerged into Arrivals there was a young family waiting for the Father. A young boy stood well in front of his Mum and Sister. How did I know? We live in enlightened times so they could be waiting for their own Herself. Well because the young fella announced quite loudly “Oh! You’re not my Dad’

I was tired. Couldn’t resist it…as I walked past the Young lad saying a quiet “Sez you”

Out of the terminal and into the cold with the echo of “Muuum..??” behind me.

Well you have to entertain yourself sometimes.