Sigh, Luddites

Herself, does not like Technology. At all.

If she has to use it (like most people not living in a log cabin) then it should just work and cause no problems. Her work mobile phone broke this morning. Refused to charge, the bugger.

Reader, it was the end of the World.

So as she’s travelling on business tomorrow, work dispatched her another phone and this is where I came into things – because I’m obviously there to set it up. Anybody who has any technical skills understands this – you are the free family tech support unit.

“Okay, don’t touch it, I’ll set it up later” (because I’m kind)

[time passes]

“What’s the WiFi password?”

“I told you to leave it and not touch it, I’d set it up…”

“I did”

“Um, so why do you need the WiFi password?”

“Because the new phone is asking for it”

[Proverbially rubs temples] “That REALLY sounds like you’ve touched the phone though…”

“I just turned it on….”



“I’ll wait for you”