Life is a bit full

I was walking home from the train station the other evening and thought ‘I should write something, it feels like years since I did’. Then I composed a rather good blog post in my head before I get home.

Scroll forward some days or weeks and I really should have written it down.

I’m trialling Marsedit (now the brings back some memories) as it might be easier to just compose a few drafts and to see where I go from there. I have tried on my phone, but I’m getting older and refusing to accept I might need to get varifocals so can only use my phone for editing if it’s an inch from my nose, or at arms length. Neither of those are very comfortable.

Quick update time!

I’m getting married. I’ve never tried that before, nor had the full desire to. That’ll need it’s own post.

I’m back at a Senior Corporate Level, despite trying very hard not to be. Things float eh?

I’ve learned a lot about myself these past few years, and it’s all good

The World really seems to have turned into a stinking rubbish fire – but there are still good people in it.

That feels like some good prompts to write later. Sometimes I feel I would have liked to have a look through the things I’ve deleted – but I’d probably wish I could write that prolifically again.