I liked smoking. It was a soporific thing for me (love that word). Obviously it was horribly unhealthy, but I still enjoyed it. At the most I could get through thirty or forty a day. That’s not great. Early death etc. But I’d rather have a few vices in life and live it to it’s fullest than live on cabbage leaves and water for a very long time.

That would be entirely boring.

I gave up because I had an urge to run a marathon. London. Bastards didn’t let me in but that’s by the by. Very competitive to win a place. BUT, as I was planning for it I thought to Myself ‘Now, you may be stubborn but even your levels of stubbornness can’t get you through a marathon on thirty a day” Science isn’t it?

So I quit.

When you quit smoking two to three weeks into quitting you get sick. Very sick. Horrible cold and cough. It goes eventually but you feel like death for a bit. Do I feel better for quitting smoking? Well I don’t feel as awful in the morning, and my mouth doesn’t taste like a forgotten bin. But I don’t feel like Superman. Saying that, had I kept smoking I might feel really shit by now. Who knows?

What’s the point? Well Herself and Myself have really cut down on alcohol lately. Not exactly a conscious thing but we’d got back into exercise and Science dictates if you drink a bottle of wine or two the night before…a run is going to be feckin painful.

Science can be a bit of a bastard,

It’s been about a month (nearly) with the drastically reduced alcohol. And we both feel a bit lethargic. No pizazz. Now I need to figure out if it’s the same thing as quitting smoking. You’re going to feel a bit crap and then it evens out. Of course it could also be the massive workloads we’re both under. Life is not boring. But you have to rule things out.

It’s science.