I’ve never felt old. Tired for sure. Not that good tired where you’ve grafted in the garden all day and have aching muscles and a sense of accomplishment. But just the bad kind of tired caused by the grind of life nowadays.

And caused by people. People can be feckin stupid and draining.

But I have never felt old. I still laugh at the stupidest things and go through life thinking I’ll be found out at some stage. But then you get to an age where you realise most people are like that. I think. I’ve also been lucky with my health. Never had any issues and can still go for a run.

Admittedly the hangovers are a bit of a struggle nowadays. Not like in your early twenties when you can just get on with it.

I forget how old I am. Seriously. Herself dies laughing when I accidentally add a couple of years or subtract one or two. I don’t do it because I want to be younger. Experience is a bloody brilliant thing to have and that only comes with age. I just never felt my age. So I sort of forget it. It’s not important until you fill out a form or something anyway. And it doesn’t seem THAT long ago to me, but it is.

I got some swanky new specs. I use those online sites now as I can’t stand going to the opticians. I’ve always had terrible eyesight, but I don’t trust opticians to get it right. So ordering specs from a prescription is amazing. Until they stop me saying it’s a new(wish) prescription when it’s a few years old, which will spoil all the fun and convenience.

I selected the ‘Computer’ option with Herself at my shoulder saying I should select distance. My response was “Well they don’t have a ‘Just to generally feckin see’ option so I’ll chose Computer…I’m on them all day.”

Specs came, I like them and WOW, I can actually see my laptop again. Super happy. Until I looked up and, bollox, everything else at a distance is blurry.

“Well that’s shite”, says me “Why can’t I get a prescription so I can see at a distance AND at the Computer”

“You can…” says Herself…just leaving it hanging until my brain caught up.

“Wha? So how…that would mean…vari…”

“Varifocals yes”

“Can’t, I’m not old”

“You want to be able to see?”

“I’ve seen enough of the World at distance, a lot of it is shite, I’ll be grand”

“Oh you really are young, mentally”

“Point taken”

So you can’t stop the march of time. And you can’t just forget about it either. So I’ll order some varifocals.

I still don’t feel old.