What a week

Well it’s been some kind of week getting a lot of people working remotely who don’t normally work remotely. Not sure I want to go though that again. I’ve done a lot of business continuity planning over the years and when you mention things like natural disasters and disease – you can see the eyes glaze over and the thinking of ‘That’ll never happen’.

Those chats will be a lot easier in the future.

I’ve worked from home a lot over the years as well. So much that I don’t see the problem with it now. Any problems I did have are long in the past and forgotten. We’ve been putting some virtual solutions on peoples personal laptops. Easiest thing from a cost and security perspective. I swear some of these feckin laptops are steam powered though. I’m waiting for the person still running Windows XP, but the lads haven’t told me if thats turned up yet. There’s got to be one. That’s been a bit of a surprise that not everyone is tecnically up to date. Walk a mile in their shoes etc etc.

I ordered a webcam for the auld fella. Had it delivered. My brother and myself then helped him remotely get it set-up. No better activity to make you drink a shed load of alcohol. But at least he won’t feel so isolated.

Back in the day I studied a bit of human toxicology and biology (I’ve had an interesting life). I enjoyed the course from a technical standpoint. Came out thinking “How utterly fascinating” but also “I’ve never been so terrified in me life”.

Ch-ch-ch-changes indeed