Man of Leisure

Officially I’m still employed. Officially I’m just using up whats left of my holiday. I think I have a few days left but I’m not sure because, in my head, I’ve already moved on.

Leaving during a Pandemic is a bit weird. There’s no leaving card or leaving drinks. I just instructed the lads to delete my accounts and that was it – think I went to pour a glass of wine. I never really heard from my boss in Europe since the day I resigned. I’d caused a problem and they were not happy. I did have a couple of chats with the CEO and a couple of other Directors in this country though – sorry to see me go etc etc.

But it’s all done now. A bit of a rest and onto whatever is next. [Looks at calendar] In about a week and a bit half the business is going to grind to a halt or boss is going to have to find seven figures to keep things going. I did say many times last year and gave my advice…oh well 🙂

Whats next? Don’t know. Not thinking about it too much right now. Just getting through lockdown. It hasn’t been too bad. Having a garden is invaluable. I’m really worried there is going to be a second wave, but seems like most of the World thinks it’s all over, back to normal. Terrifying.

I bought myself a hammock. May was a glorious month so I had visions of spending my newly found free time lying in the garden.

Rained a lot in June hasn’t it?…