For the Gram

I liked Instagram when it first came out. I like photography. It was a photo sharing app and normals didn’t really ‘Get it’. Flickr was shitting the bed at the time with Yahoo so it seemed a good place to go.

I was absolutely gutted when Facebook bought it. Despite the cries of ‘Oh it’ll be run independently!’ because:

a. I wasn’t born yesterday

b. That fecker would always end up destroying it, because it was successful and not his idea or execution.

I wasn’t too concerned about the data it was getting from me. Location off on the iPhone. I had my account private and had a massive cull of people who I sort of knew in real life, but never posted themselves…non technical term is stalkers.

But I knew it was always going to get worse. That the time would come to delete my stuff. It was starting to become like watching TV in the States (an ad every ten mins) and because I didn’t interact with brands it had no clue what I liked so would just serve up shite.

But the time would come when I would have to permanently delete it.

That time was tonight.

I have no presence on Facebook properties now – except WhatsApp. But it takes ages to persuade people to move elsewhere.

The World hasn’t stopped turning, I’m not a lesser person because of it. Herself was a little “Oh did you save the pictures though!” But she’s quite good at listening to me when I tell her how the internet works. So she’s not too bothered about it.

Somebody needs to build an independent app like that though. Small monthly charge to ward off the advertiser demons. People would pay for that.