We have a decent amount of fitness equipment in the house. Pull up bars, Bosu ball, bench, rowing machine, kettlebells etc.

So not exercising comes down to mental blocks rather than ‘Cant get/be arsed to the gym’. We’re doing quite well with it. Exercise every other day.

I downloaded an app ‘Fitify’ to try as it allows you to add your own equipment. Free trial for five days and then £53 a year afterwards. I think I’ll be buying it.

I did some Yoga for a wind down. It murdered me. Jayzuz how much can one man sweat? And me balance is not great at the best of times! I needed to do it though and I need to do some more. I’m finding it tight to raise my right leg. Not painful, it just doesn’t go as high as it used to. Of course I looked it up online and no doubt I’m heading for a hip replacement – but the more likely reasoning is I’ve sat on my arse too much this year.

Jayzuz that yoga is a bugger though. Namaste – even though I didn’t feel very bendy afterwards…more collapsey.