Will the Orange Fecker get elected again this Autumn? Truthfully I don’t know. There are deep problems that side of the pond. Throughout society. Understandable as it’s within lifetimes that the place was heavily segregated.

  • Nasty fight through the courts about the result? Probable
  • Easy win for Biden? Doubtful
  • Easy win for the Orange Fecker? Doubtful
  • Civil/Race/left and right/red and blue actual widespread violence? I think entirely likely

As to this side of the pond I have an easier prediction. The Ineffectual Eton Boy will stay on for now, but will not be PM by mid 2021. He resigns or is forced out, but he’s only being kept there so they can hang the blame for Brexit around his neck in January.

Sensible people will realise where the blame for Brexit lies and when. But the General public don’t seem to be too sensible. So it’s who is left holding it when the music stops – and that’s January 1st.

What makes me angry is the impact on generations of kids.