I suffer from Keratitis. Basically instead of getting a cold sore on one of my lips I was blessed to get it in my eye.

It is very, very painful.

But I’ve managed it. I have to be careful of sunlight to the eyes, stress, and getting run down generally.

To be honest it’s been a good little seatbelt for when I’ve been drifting in life.

With lockdown we got into a routine. But the Butcher we used started to go downhill a bit. Cuts weren’t so good, or just a wrong order. We spent a while wondering what to do about it. Local butcher going downhill but still support them? Or other butcher a bit father away?

While thinking about that we didn’t buy meat. That’s grand. Vegans and vegetarians say it’s great for them and Herself leans towards that.

It’s not for me. I felt awful after a few weeks. Really run down and low energy. I should have known what was coming but it’s been such a long time since I’d suffered I forgot.

Well I’m suffering now. Best way I can describe it is hold a lighter to each of your eyes when you have a really bad head cold.


Hopefully better in a day or so. A lot of port and brandy, paracetamol and ibruprofen.


I’m attending my first online funeral tomorrow.

It could always be worse.