Change of season

I didn’t watch any of the coverage after the Queen died. I thought it was very sad, and the end of an era etc. But at the end of the day – she led a long life. The performative nature of the 24/7 coverage was just a little bit too weird for me.

The change of season has also knocked me sideways a little. I understand why people say ‘Autumn is my favourite time of the year!’ (Normally followed by a ‘Yay!’) I really do, I get it, but feck that. I like bright mornings and long, warm, summer evenings. I like to be in shorts and bare feet as much as possible. The switch to Autumn has given me the grump.

I’m also having a ‘Cannot be arsed’ moment trying to get things sorted out for the renovation. It’s just difficult to get anything done in this country at the moment. Phone calls not returned. Builders and Architects obviously have quite enough work and money and don’t need anymore right now…

Only explanation I can think of.

I’m going to have a conversation about a new role tomorrow. Good money – but would require me to be away from home every week. Not sure about that. Will think on it.

Ugh I hate wearing socks.