Same old same old

It’s all a bit same old same old.

I’m not complaining. A lot of people no doubt have it worse, but lockdown is possibly like doing time.

“What interesting thing have you done today?”

Well I took a nap in the late afternoon rather than early afternoon. But that’s about it.

Winter lockdowns < Summer lockdowns

Would not recommend


They’re just crazy, we can’t have those values in the World, they will see that they’re wrong and we’re right

Or something like that.

Brexit, Elections, Religion…but which side is saying that?

The Human Race has always been tribal. I don’t know if it’s because the messaging can be in your face in seconds, or what. But the World feels a lot more dangerous right now.

We need more compassion, more attempts at understanding.

But saying that, I would punch a Nazi in the throat without hesitation – every single time.


This week is a slog. Well the last two weeks have been really. I don’t know if it’s the absence of Sun (so many shades of grey) or the clocks going back – but it’s an effort.

I’m still exercising daily and learning French (I have a 700ish day streak on Duolingo), but the exercise is a grind.

Sometimes it’s like that with fitness though. You reach a plateau and grind away. Then comes a burst of improvement and you’re onto the next plateau. Great sense of achievement when you make progress – but the grind…can be a grind.

Same for life really. Deep breath, plough on.

P.S. I miss my young hamstrings

May you live in interesting times

It’s all a bit mad isn’t it?

I’ve been reminding myself over the past couple of weeks that it’s okay not to get some things done. It’s fine to have a lazy morning, or afternoon, or day. We’re not in dire straits and this feckin thing is going to be a marathon. I was saying to Herself the other day that another National lockdown looms – but then I said hang on, we don’t go anywhere anymore so what would change for us?

It’s definitely a bit mad.

Regular exercise is helping. I’m in the fourth week of a five week program. Then I start a twelve week one. It’s four times a week currently then I use the rowing machine on the off days. In fact I’m writing this post to specifically delay a thirty minute row – because I’m tired today 🙂 It’s good, it’s working. Although I’m beyond the ‘new and fun’ stage and well into the ‘Let’s show you where you’re quite weak’ phase. It’s my hamstrings. They’re like bloody ships cables. So when I’m doing Yoga Herself dies laughing as apparently “Yer not getting my head down there cos it doesn’t go that far” is not something said during Yoga sessions.

It’s certainly what I say.

Squats are bloody evil things as well – but it’s all helping.

I’ll have to crack on with clearing the house out soon as well. I’ve had about a month off. That’s the handy thing about writing here – you can look back…yes, September 8th was when I’d made it acceptable. But still so much stuff to clear out if we want to have the renovations done next year. Everyone approaches grief in a different way – and I think I’ve figured out how Herself is approaching Hers. Any discussions about it raises her stress levels to eleven out of ten. It’s down to me to crack on with it, sensitively, and then she’ll join in. A perfect example is we have a very tall freezer, and a half freezer thats part of a tall fridge/freeze combo. And it was packed. Which is quite odd for two people. Especially as I use a freezer only for frozen chips and ice for my drinks. But it’s never been sorted through. It was a tiny little bit of stress for me that added to a few tiny little bits of stress. You see one of the drawers had frozen food that her Mum had made. Two years frozen is enough though. I’m fond of an experiment but even though she insisted she’d still eat it – I didn’t fancy witnessing that. So the other day I cleared the whole thing out – just before the binmen came obviously (I’m not daft).

“It’s done”

“Was it really bad?”

“There was fish in there that was best before 2017…”


“And a leg of lamb…unknown date”

“Thank you”

We’re getting there. Once the house is cleared and renovated we can then get a dog. We both desperately want one. I still miss my other dogs. So it’s a bloody good driving force.

Time for rowing. Maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee first…


Will the Orange Fecker get elected again this Autumn? Truthfully I don’t know. There are deep problems that side of the pond. Throughout society. Understandable as it’s within lifetimes that the place was heavily segregated.

  • Nasty fight through the courts about the result? Probable
  • Easy win for Biden? Doubtful
  • Easy win for the Orange Fecker? Doubtful
  • Civil/Race/left and right/red and blue actual widespread violence? I think entirely likely

As to this side of the pond I have an easier prediction. The Ineffectual Eton Boy will stay on for now, but will not be PM by mid 2021. He resigns or is forced out, but he’s only being kept there so they can hang the blame for Brexit around his neck in January.

Sensible people will realise where the blame for Brexit lies and when. But the General public don’t seem to be too sensible. So it’s who is left holding it when the music stops – and that’s January 1st.

What makes me angry is the impact on generations of kids.


We have a decent amount of fitness equipment in the house. Pull up bars, Bosu ball, bench, rowing machine, kettlebells etc.

So not exercising comes down to mental blocks rather than ‘Cant get/be arsed to the gym’. We’re doing quite well with it. Exercise every other day.

I downloaded an app ‘Fitify’ to try as it allows you to add your own equipment. Free trial for five days and then £53 a year afterwards. I think I’ll be buying it.

I did some Yoga for a wind down. It murdered me. Jayzuz how much can one man sweat? And me balance is not great at the best of times! I needed to do it though and I need to do some more. I’m finding it tight to raise my right leg. Not painful, it just doesn’t go as high as it used to. Of course I looked it up online and no doubt I’m heading for a hip replacement – but the more likely reasoning is I’ve sat on my arse too much this year.

Jayzuz that yoga is a bugger though. Namaste – even though I didn’t feel very bendy afterwards…more collapsey.

Walk along the river

IMG 3889


I’ve been thinking of writing about the pandemic, the government and the insanity of it all. But I’m just not in the mood. To sum it up: if people think this is going away quickly then they’re eejits, if people think it’s a conspiracy then they’re really feckin eejits, if people don’t want to wear a mask then they’re arseholes. In September 2001 I said the World was not going to be the same again for a long time, and that’s exactly what I think now.

That’s sums it up without too much superfluous shite.

Long COVID has me really worried. It’d not just about dying. We all have to. I think the long term impacts on public health are going to be far reaching. Not only from the virus but because of what we need to do to keep it at bay until a viable vaccine is found.

I was at the heaviest I’ve been, ever, during the full lockdown. Granted we did have a grand old time of it with wine flowing and plenty of barbecue…and not a lot of walking or exercise as we weren’t allowed. It was a novelty.

That stopped about a month and a half ago…at least. I was really starting to feel a bit ‘Urgh’ so the exercise started up again. We’re six months into this new way of living now. It’s important we don’t shrug off the toll it takes. Last weekend Herself and Myself both had a massive drop in energy and mood. It’s a bit of a slog getting back to being as productive. But we are.

I went for a massive walk on Tuesday. My goal was to walk until I was exhausted. Luckily we live on the edge of the countryside so paths could be taken without too much of a worry about social distancing. I only managed seven miles. But felt better for it. Today we drove a couple of hours to meet up with a friend for a long walk. We’ve seen her twice since March and barring shops and neighbours – she’s the person I’ve seen the most for the past six months! Crazy that.

It was a lovely walk along a river (pictured above) with her dog. Didn’t see too many people so it was very relaxing. I think the massive bouts of rain that kept rolling in helped with that – but you just have to dress appropriately.

I’m knackered – but in a good way.

I need to think about where and if I want to put photos online now I’ve got rid of the gram. Maybe my other site? Not sure.

For the Gram

I liked Instagram when it first came out. I like photography. It was a photo sharing app and normals didn’t really ‘Get it’. Flickr was shitting the bed at the time with Yahoo so it seemed a good place to go.

I was absolutely gutted when Facebook bought it. Despite the cries of ‘Oh it’ll be run independently!’ because:

a. I wasn’t born yesterday

b. That fecker would always end up destroying it, because it was successful and not his idea or execution.

I wasn’t too concerned about the data it was getting from me. Location off on the iPhone. I had my account private and had a massive cull of people who I sort of knew in real life, but never posted themselves…non technical term is stalkers.

But I knew it was always going to get worse. That the time would come to delete my stuff. It was starting to become like watching TV in the States (an ad every ten mins) and because I didn’t interact with brands it had no clue what I liked so would just serve up shite.

But the time would come when I would have to permanently delete it.

That time was tonight.

I have no presence on Facebook properties now – except WhatsApp. But it takes ages to persuade people to move elsewhere.

The World hasn’t stopped turning, I’m not a lesser person because of it. Herself was a little “Oh did you save the pictures though!” But she’s quite good at listening to me when I tell her how the internet works. So she’s not too bothered about it.

Somebody needs to build an independent app like that though. Small monthly charge to ward off the advertiser demons. People would pay for that.


I like tattoos. Not all tattoos though. Because I always think they should have some kind of meaning behind them.

I don’t mean as a reminder of that mad night in Thailand kind of memory either. Tribal markings on the lower back or some Chinese letters on the upper arm…nahhhh. That just doesn’t cut it.

It’s art, and art should have a meaning, make a statement and (or) invoke a feeling.

I don’t have tattoos. Purely because there’s no way I could decide on what it would be. I can be fickle. And you have to live with these buggers.

But I’m getting old and before my skin gets too saggy I want to get something. But I still wondered what the hell it would be? Then I realised I don’t have to have a picture/graphic – I can have whatever I want. So there are three things that have followed me through life that I’ve always liked:

1. “Men of few words are the best men”

2. “In vino veritas, In aqua sanitas”

3. And some Younger Futhark runes, that for obvious reasons I can’t type here.

Now I just have to stress about font’s (well except for the runes as you have little choice there).

So what do they mean? Well for the first it’s a snippet from Henry V by Shakespeare. It’s from a speech by ‘Boy’ who claims Corporal Nym “he hath heard that men of few words are the best men, and therefore he scorns to say his prayers, lest he should be thought a coward”. Now Nym isn’t a great character in the plays where he crops up. A corporal who eventually get’s hanged in France for looting. It’s not like I want to pull a quote from Henry himself. But I’ve always liked that part of the quote…because I really don’t like gobshites.

I can be a simple soul.

As for the next one. Well theres the danger of it being an ultimate cliche, but I have always judged people how they act when they drink. You can be quiet, you can be loud, you can be funny (or think you are when you’re not) but don’t be an arsehole. To me drink brings out peoples true nature. There’s also a toast I like, “Raise a glass to those merry souls who make drinking a pleasure, who achieve contentment before capacity and who, whatever they may drink, prove able to carry it and remain gentlemen”. But ‘In Vino’ covers it for me.

The third is just for me. And if I was going to get a picture it would be accompanied by a small boars head. Heritage.

Nasty and Despicable

I needed a separate phone number for Business. I want to protect my personal number as much as I can. So a PAYG SIM and a trip to eBay solved that problem.

I have had Apple products for centuries. I trust them (as much as you can) with my data. I don’t need a second Apple account and I didn’t want the business number to be connected in any way. So I got an Android phone. Samsung Galaxy S9.

It is horrible.

You have to be really careful setting it up. I’ll not go into the nitty gritty – but at EVERY opportunity it will pressure and trick you into giving up access and data. After initial setup I had to check everything else to ensure it didn’t have access to anything I didn’t want it to.

Awful experience and I don’t trust it one bit but it solves a bigger problem and will only be used for business.

I’m thinking of watching the ‘Social Dillema’ movie, but I fear I may get shouty and grumpy.