Goodbye Social Media

When I stopped smoking one of the things I noticed was just how much time I had. Nothing wastes a bit of time just sitting and having a smoke.

I’ve started to feel the same way about Social Media. I deleted my Facebook account nearly a year ago – have not missed it. But I have also been spending too much time on Twitter.

Now I think your Twitter experience is very dependent on who you follow. Well, if you’re a man that is. If you’re a woman itt seems to be a constant garbage fire.

I follow Historians and authors and do come across some interesting things. But even then the amount of drivel and noise is incredible. And it’s a constant source of information. One or two hours can just fly by.

I want my time back.

So I deleted the Twitter app from my phone. I’m guaranteed to get three hours a day back. That’s an incredible amount of time. Now I need to put it to use.