Smoke and maybe fire

I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve had a cigarette. Years. It’s probably good that I can’t remember, because if I’m still counting the days then it goes that I’m still thinking about it. And I don’t want to think about it.

I still have my pipe and cigars but they have been relegated to a rare treat.

Vaping is what got me off the cigarettes, I can’t give that up. I’m not a Saint…much more of a bon vivuer – with a massive nicotine addiction.

Vaping is (by anybody’s standard) better for you than smoking. Not good for you, just better. So I got into a bit of a grump recently seeing headlines about people dying from vaping and maybe it’s dangerous and MAYBE we should ban it.

News in general is shite right now. It’s quite awful that people in the US and India have been dying. But it’s important to look at the common factors. That’s vaping yeah? Well yes, but more pointedly that they were all vaping cannabis derived oils and vitamin oils. Something that is very unregulated and, I can’t stress this enough, REALLY BLOODY BAD FOR YOU.

But all you see on the news is that vaping kills people. I shouldn’t be surprised as facts died a long time ago. God forbid anyone do any research. I’m not linking to the stories as links = attention = advertising money and I don’t want to encourage this kind of nonsense,

Also probably quite a shame for Governments that they can’t tax vaping products.

Can’t be anything to do with the hysteria though…