I’m an eejit #136

So I went for the bike ride. It’s just over 5km.

I was sitting finishing another cup of coffee. About 75% awake and thought to myself ‘Just get out there fella, you’ll feel better for it’. So I grabbed the Brompton (only the second time I’ve been out on it) and put it together. Wondered why the steering was a bit wobbly and then remembered to fasten the frame together.

“Ha! I’m a bit of an eejit” thought me.

Then I went for a ride and it was painful. Good god how unfit have I got in lockdown? The hills were just awful. The Brompton’s six gears are a little tricky and only when I got back did I realise that I’d mixed them up. So didn’t use half of them.

Practice makes perfect though right? But jayzuz it was a tough ride. A women passed me on the road on her bike with a cheery “Morning!”

“Morning!” Says I back. Wondering why in three months I’d got so unfit and also couldn’t work my gears. I was normally the person passing people on bikes.

Eejit right?

Well I got home and thought I’d better check the tire pressure. They didn’t seem too bad. Brompton tires need about 4.5 – 7.5 bar in them. Quite a lot. What’s the pump say they’re at?…

0.5 bar each.

Lads. It was basically like pedalling a tractor up the hills.

I’m an eejit. But a little more relieved that I’m probably not that unfit.

Let’s not speak of this again.