Nasty and Despicable

I needed a separate phone number for Business. I want to protect my personal number as much as I can. So a PAYG SIM and a trip to eBay solved that problem.

I have had Apple products for centuries. I trust them (as much as you can) with my data. I don’t need a second Apple account and I didn’t want the business number to be connected in any way. So I got an Android phone. Samsung Galaxy S9.

It is horrible.

You have to be really careful setting it up. I’ll not go into the nitty gritty – but at EVERY opportunity it will pressure and trick you into giving up access and data. After initial setup I had to check everything else to ensure it didn’t have access to anything I didn’t want it to.

Awful experience and I don’t trust it one bit but it solves a bigger problem and will only be used for business.

I’m thinking of watching the ‘Social Dillema’ movie, but I fear I may get shouty and grumpy.

4 responses to “Nasty and Despicable”

    • Denied all app permissions for that and disabled maps (don’t need to use it on that phone). So hopefully that helps but wouldn’t be surprised

      • I did that.

        I still got emails about where I’d been.

        Been saying it for years – Google are part of the problem.
        They are not part of any solution.

        • Yup! Irritates me that I can’t delete these apps either. Hopefully location services disabled on the entire phone help somewhat