Walk along the river

IMG 3889


I’ve been thinking of writing about the pandemic, the government and the insanity of it all. But I’m just not in the mood. To sum it up: if people think this is going away quickly then they’re eejits, if people think it’s a conspiracy then they’re really feckin eejits, if people don’t want to wear a mask then they’re arseholes. In September 2001 I said the World was not going to be the same again for a long time, and that’s exactly what I think now.

That’s sums it up without too much superfluous shite.

Long COVID has me really worried. It’d not just about dying. We all have to. I think the long term impacts on public health are going to be far reaching. Not only from the virus but because of what we need to do to keep it at bay until a viable vaccine is found.

I was at the heaviest I’ve been, ever, during the full lockdown. Granted we did have a grand old time of it with wine flowing and plenty of barbecue…and not a lot of walking or exercise as we weren’t allowed. It was a novelty.

That stopped about a month and a half ago…at least. I was really starting to feel a bit ‘Urgh’ so the exercise started up again. We’re six months into this new way of living now. It’s important we don’t shrug off the toll it takes. Last weekend Herself and Myself both had a massive drop in energy and mood. It’s a bit of a slog getting back to being as productive. But we are.

I went for a massive walk on Tuesday. My goal was to walk until I was exhausted. Luckily we live on the edge of the countryside so paths could be taken without too much of a worry about social distancing. I only managed seven miles. But felt better for it. Today we drove a couple of hours to meet up with a friend for a long walk. We’ve seen her twice since March and barring shops and neighbours – she’s the person I’ve seen the most for the past six months! Crazy that.

It was a lovely walk along a river (pictured above) with her dog. Didn’t see too many people so it was very relaxing. I think the massive bouts of rain that kept rolling in helped with that – but you just have to dress appropriately.

I’m knackered – but in a good way.

I need to think about where and if I want to put photos online now I’ve got rid of the gram. Maybe my other site? Not sure.