May you live in interesting times

It’s all a bit mad isn’t it?

I’ve been reminding myself over the past couple of weeks that it’s okay not to get some things done. It’s fine to have a lazy morning, or afternoon, or day. We’re not in dire straits and this feckin thing is going to be a marathon. I was saying to Herself the other day that another National lockdown looms – but then I said hang on, we don’t go anywhere anymore so what would change for us?

It’s definitely a bit mad.

Regular exercise is helping. I’m in the fourth week of a five week program. Then I start a twelve week one. It’s four times a week currently then I use the rowing machine on the off days. In fact I’m writing this post to specifically delay a thirty minute row – because I’m tired today 🙂 It’s good, it’s working. Although I’m beyond the ‘new and fun’ stage and well into the ‘Let’s show you where you’re quite weak’ phase. It’s my hamstrings. They’re like bloody ships cables. So when I’m doing Yoga Herself dies laughing as apparently “Yer not getting my head down there cos it doesn’t go that far” is not something said during Yoga sessions.

It’s certainly what I say.

Squats are bloody evil things as well – but it’s all helping.

I’ll have to crack on with clearing the house out soon as well. I’ve had about a month off. That’s the handy thing about writing here – you can look back…yes, September 8th was when I’d made it acceptable. But still so much stuff to clear out if we want to have the renovations done next year. Everyone approaches grief in a different way – and I think I’ve figured out how Herself is approaching Hers. Any discussions about it raises her stress levels to eleven out of ten. It’s down to me to crack on with it, sensitively, and then she’ll join in. A perfect example is we have a very tall freezer, and a half freezer thats part of a tall fridge/freeze combo. And it was packed. Which is quite odd for two people. Especially as I use a freezer only for frozen chips and ice for my drinks. But it’s never been sorted through. It was a tiny little bit of stress for me that added to a few tiny little bits of stress. You see one of the drawers had frozen food that her Mum had made. Two years frozen is enough though. I’m fond of an experiment but even though she insisted she’d still eat it – I didn’t fancy witnessing that. So the other day I cleared the whole thing out – just before the binmen came obviously (I’m not daft).

“It’s done”

“Was it really bad?”

“There was fish in there that was best before 2017…”


“And a leg of lamb…unknown date”

“Thank you”

We’re getting there. Once the house is cleared and renovated we can then get a dog. We both desperately want one. I still miss my other dogs. So it’s a bloody good driving force.

Time for rowing. Maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee first…